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What is this place?

A. An idyllic resort B. A children’s tuberculosis sanitarium C. A German military hospital D. A Soviet barracks E. A place where horrific Nazi crimes were committed F. All of the above at one time or another Read story here.[...]

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Alt Right Antisemitism

“Trying to create a global, manipulative Jewish monster which can be blamed for all the evils and problems” Demonization of George Soros throughout Europe recalls anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of yore *** HAARETZ.COM[...]

September 15th, 2017 - 1:18 am § in Misc.

Weimar Republic: Compare Trump’s Economy

“Harold James …..  itemised Weimar’s economic problems under seven heads: ‘world economic conditions, unfavourable demographic developments, low savings and investment rates, misinvestment, falling profitability, instability of public finance and excessive protection of industry’.[...]

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The Donald: You choose the message!

[SPECIAL] – Donald Trump Signed Portraits – $59.99 Each portrait comes in a beautiful, modern, black frame with protective glass, and has an easel back plus mounting hooks for elegant display on your tabletop or wall. Shop Now SIGNEDTRUMP.COM[...]