Chinazor Onianwah: The Joy of Nipples

That moment finally came when my son, in this video turned 16 and found out over a million people have seen him suckling his mother’s breast when he was an infant. He never let go of the nipple until he was almost two. Anyway, why bring this up now? There is tizzy on Twitter that Serena William’s nipples distracted her opponent and that’s why she won. I saw the game and I saw the nipples and I wasn’t distracted. I have never been distracted by nipples. I find them quite inviting. Those who are distracted by it have other Sirena williamsissues. As for my son, Chikelue, we had the talk about police brutality and he wants to carry a gun and I said no. He is quite stubborn. My older brother, Charles Sine, once shared with me that he almost choked me to death when I was barely three years old because I was a “stubborn son of a bitch,” his exact words. Thank God he didn’t do it. And now my son is freaking stubborn. What are the chances he got it from me? It doesn’t help that he suffers from Aspergers and he thinks he is smarter than me, his freaking dad. So I showed him this video to let him know I’ve always been his dad and I plan to stick around for a while. You can live life without owning a gun. I’m a champion of love. I love until it hurts. If you catch my drift.


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