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Photography .. burn the bra


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Whitney Huntwork FACEBOOK Anytime. Anywhere. You can stare, I don’t care. I’ll feed my hungry child, here or there, if you don’t like my boob I still don’t care. A Restaurant? A store? It’s boob juice galore! A theater? A museum? But your more focused on trying to see [...]

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Why I’m Not a Democrat

Why I’m Not a Democrat A disillusioned veteran of the Reagan White House has some advice for liberals. BILLMOYERS.COM[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who is The Donald?


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Why We Need a War on Educashun

Question: The war on drugs brought us more drugs cheaper, the war on terror bred terrorists. When are we having a war on education? Answer: Actually we do have war on education. As with drugs, the kids lose.[...]

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Getting to Know Donald

  I am proud to have that German blood. No question about it. Great Stuff! “All men are created equal? Well, it’s not true.” Trump apparently believes in the racehorse theory of putting together “superior” genes, where you can create “superior” people.      [...]