Jill Stein Melts Down

Jill Stein is  ranting on Twitter.

The Green Party leader  has joined Trump in calling calls the  Congressional investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russian government  a “McCarthyist witch hunt.” She then began blaming it all on Hillary Clinton, before invoking Donald Trump’s favorite deflection phrase: “The notion I communicated with Trump Jr is laughable. This whole thing is an obvious smear designed to generate a fake news feeding frenzy.”

Stein want to blame Hillary Clinton for the investigation of Stein’s  ties to Russia’  She even tried to further the conspiracy theory that the Democratic Party somehow tried to rig the primary race against Bernie Sanders, an assertion that even Sanders has dismissed as fiction. But apart from Stein’s utterly deranged Twitter storm she has refused to answer questions of who paid for her trip to Moscow  during the 2016 election cycle in which she sat at a table with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn to clebrate Putin’s propaganda arm, RT.  We know that the Kremlin paid Flynn.

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