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Adam Schiff Opposes Giving Russia Keys to US Security

Top Dem rejects Russian cyber partnership: ‘We might as well mail our ballot boxes to Moscow’ (D-Calif.) blasted President Trump’s idea of working together with Russia on election hacking, saying if that were to happen, “we might as well mail our ballot boxes to… THEHILL.COM[...]

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An Alternative to Seattle’s Income Tax?

Oregon Legislature Approves Plan to Start Charging Tolls on Two Interstate Highways Running Through Portland Why not a CITY TOLL on I5?  The money could be used for mass transit![...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Active Shooter In Bainbridge Island’s Eagle Harbor

Gunman on boat shot dead by officers after firing shots at shore along Bainbridge Island  The Bainbridge Island Fire Department is telling people to avoid the shoreline area. This post will be updated. SEATTLETIMES.COM[...]

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Summarizing Trump’s Incompetence at The G19 + 1.


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Science answers the question .. were Adam and Eve Mice?

FoxP2 may define Humanity, 500,000 year old gene FoxP2, a “transcription factor, has a mutation that occurred more than half a million years ago in our African Ancestors, and could be the key to the most distinctive feature or our race: language. Foxp2 was first identified in a group of family[...]

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‘Amid worsening US-German relations, Berlin may reorient itself to Russia’ Ex-spies say Putin ate Trump and his ‘massive, delicate ego’ for lunch at G-20 meeting CNN: Trump’s State Dept. Grants U.S. Visas to 150 Russian Spies Trump Tweets: Proposes ‘Cyber Security Unit’ With Russia[...]