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THE_Ave Challenge: Where Did Trump Take Air Force 1 After the G20?

A. Slovenia B. Washington, DC C. Moscow D. Norway E. Iraq[...]

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Alt Realities: TRUMP vs RAND on healthcare

Trump Says Health Care Vote Is Close. Rand Paul Says Not So Much.[...]

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The latest from the G20- make that the G19….

NEWSWEEK: Trump on the periphery at G20 We all know that President Donald Trump likes to get prime position in any photo opportunity. On his first visit to Europe in May, he appeared to shove the prime minister of Montenegro aside in order to get to the front of the pack of world leaders, providin[...]

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New Ave Ave Writer: Danny Braudrick

Read about Danny.[...]

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Protests Live from Hamburg


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Anniversary of the End of American Oreos

  Twisted: 63 Years of Oreos in Chicago Officially Comes to an End By Michael Messina Friday, July 8 marked a sad day in the history of one of America’s most nostalgic family treats. The last Oreo came off the line at Chicago’s… LABOR411.ORG|BY MIKE MESSINA[...]

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Did Trump Just Declare the Holocaust Fake News?

By sidestepping Jewish victims of Holocaust, Trump helps Polish government rewrite history The leader of the free world just endorsed the Polish right-wing narrative of innocence and victimhood before, during and after Nazi occupation HAARETZ.COM[...]

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Chinese Nobel laureate, Poltical Prisoner  Liu Xiaobo, too weak to keep getting cancer drugs Trump: Meeting with Putin was ‘tremendous’ Erdogan: “very high expectations” of Russian-Turkish solution to Syria crisis Merkel speaks out against Kurdish independence at G20 EU, Canada agre[...]