“We’ll have California, we’ll have Oregon, and we’ll have both houses and the gubernatorial seat here in Washington state. That big blue wall is what’s going to eventually stop Donald Trump and make its way eastward.”

In OHSO Blue WASTATE, Democratic control of the state’s government hangs in the balance  because narrow Republican control of the Senate has  kept Gov. Jay Inslee from enacting major legislative priorities on carbon emissions, voting rights and birth control. 

Republican Jinyoung Lee Englund and Democrat Manka Dhingra have each raised about $500,000 . By the November election, observers estimated that the total price tag will exceed $10 million.

The highly affluent  district on the eastern shore of Lake Washington  leans Democratic. Hillary Clinton won 65 percent of the vote there in 2016, and former President Barack Obama won 58 percent in 2012.  However, the district is also corporatist, supporting establishment issues.


f “With Trump and everything else, I don’t see how the Republicans win this. They’re going to try though; they’re going to bus volunteers in from all over the state.” Chris Vance

Counting Independent expenditures, $2,046,544 has been raised so far for the Special State Senate race in the 45th Leg. District.

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