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Is Amelia Earhart alive?

Is she is, she’s now 120 years old, so it’s unlikely she’s still alive. This conclusion is especially compelling because she hasn’t been heard from since 1937.  That’s a long time for a living person with no motive to go into hiding to completely disappear. We can safe[...]

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American Summer


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  Russia objects to U.N. condemnation of North Korea, says test was not ICBM Hopes of ‘Trump bump’ for economy shrink as growth forecasts fade… Donald Trump threatens ‘ass-kicking’ China while Japan, Europe counter Trump with trade deal that will cover nearly 30% of g[...]

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President Trump: Bringing The Golden Arches to Yellowstone

Quietly approved reforms by National Park Service allow corporate sponsorship and advertisements called a “disgrace” by public advocacy group New rules quietly given final approval over the fourth of July holiday will allow national parks in the United States to expand corporate sponsors[...]

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Trump Overrides Pope

Donald Trump is overriding the Pope A catholic infant in Britain has an incurable disease that prevents all movement and will kill the baby who is unable to breath. Charlie, who will be 11 months old on July 4, has a rare genetic condition and resulting brain damage that has robbed him of his abil[...]

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“What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?”

A telephone poll of 1,078 voters, conducted by Quinnipiac University, asked : “What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?” The pollsters released a list of responses, giving only the words that were mentioned at least five times. Of those, 30 were negati[...]

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David Brewster An intriguing survey of America’s 11 most interesting mayors, and how they are positioning their cities as the cities of the future. Seattle doesn’t make the list. I suspect one reason is the way mayors in this city spend most of their time tending powerful constituent gro[...]