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Redneck BBQ

When you’re done cooking, just push on the handle and the fire goes out. The ashes will fall out of the bottom. Invented by people who couldn’t figure out what plumbing fixtures are for.  [...]

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Design: THE VW I


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Does Trump have Alzheimer’s?

He can’t remember where his car is parked at the airport. Well, it happens to older people.[...]

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Inside Pakistan’s sex-toy industry Kicked, beaten, tasered: Victims of UAE torture speak EGYPT: What is it like to live under President Sisi?      [...]

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Blue state? Seattle gets rolled in Olympia tax deal

Democrats capitulated to a Republican plan that hammers Seattle and the suburbs with one of the largest property-tax increases in local history. While at the same time passing a bunch of tax loopholes for businesses.  How is it that Republicans roll the Democrats every year in Olympia?[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Putin and Trump arrange a deal.

Russia details agenda for Putin’s meeting with Trump Trump is offering to return the two Russian espionage compounds seized by the United States under Obama. In return, Putin is going to extradite Edward Snowden.[...]

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VOLVO GOES FULL HYBRID/ELECTRIC  Caliphate loses Mosul and Raqqa. What happens next? Russia begins cleaning up the Soviets’ top-secret nuclear waste dump TRUMP and Sessions have sent 20 Feds to Chicago.  Will this “gun violence task force” get anything done?  Chicago will impose[...]