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How to privatize a public beach

These are photos of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his family and friends enjoying a public beach, which they have all to themselves, because Christie and his fellow Republicans shut down the state government on Friday — shutting out the public from public recreation sites on the Fourth of[...]

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Peanut Butter


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Sweetheart Tax Deal in State Budget

How tax cuts for business showed up — quietly — in state budget as homeowner taxes increased A big tax cut for manufacturing businesses was passed by the Legislature with little public notice after a last-minute demand from Republicans during budget talks to avoid a government shutdown.  [...]

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While Trump Preens At The G20, Xi Jinping to meet Putin in Moscow for 3rd time this year to strike $10bn worth of deals China Xi warns Trump of ‘negative factors’ hurting ties…  Dollar makes biggest fall in seven years Chancellor Merkel’s party drops term “friend̶[...]

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Kurdistan … still not a country

One hundred years ago this month, a French diplomat and a British officer secretly negotiated the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which divided countless families, communities, and ethnic groups — and caused many of the issues in the Middle East that persist to this day. Join The Kurdish Project and help r[...]

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Buchenwald 150: Birthday of Elie Wiesel

WATCH: The life of Elie Wiesel, who passed away  at the age of 87. Let us remember his story for he is no longer here to tell it.  The horror for me is the effort by my siblings to destroy my father’s story.[...]

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Merkel Concerned G-20 Summit Could End in Fiasco Angela Merkel predicts showdown with U.S. over climate at G-20 Helmut Kohl Goes to Grave Under EU Flag Illinois  Approaches Third Year Without Budget Pence seeks “polite distance” from Trump In June, the White House celebrated Great Outdo[...]

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