SCOTUS takes wedding cake case

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll reverse the lower court ruling in favor of a gay couple discriminated against by a baker who also happens to be a religious bigot, but it raises the possibility.

Well, ask yourself this: If a baker can refuse to sell a cake to a gay couple, then why couldn’t other businesses refuse to sell gas and groceries to Muslims? Or Jews, Catholics, or Mormons, etc.?

And if people claiming to be “Christians” can do it, then why can’t Muslim-owned convenience stores refuse to sell beer and cigarettes to “Christians”? (I put quotes around “Christians” because damned few people claiming to be Christians practice what the Bible preaches. Mother Teresa was the last one I knew of, and she’s been gone for 20 years now. )

Such a ruling could easily turn America into a disunited nation of religious bigots discriminating against each other. Like Yemen. Or Somalia.

I’m not sure SCOTUS will go there. A majority of justices may conclude that’s not such a hot idea.


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