Why the GOP proposal for healthcare is nonsense .. and why no one will do anything about it.

My comments

The real issue in REPEAL AND REPLACE is that the meme is pure nonsense.  All the fixes either party could build will fail until they address the real issue … the superinflation of healthcare costs in the US.

For example, some GOP types want a national insurance exchange.  The most obvious reason they did not propose this is that the 10th Amendment restricts federal laws that regulate interstate commerce. It may be that the only way to do this would be some work around …. like what Obamacare already has where states can opt in to a federal program.   Of course the Bernieoids have their magic wand too … single payer.  Either way,  the underlying issue is not how many payers there are but how to cut costs of healthcare itself. If the GOP or the DP had gonads (to avoid sexism) either one could take on this challenge!

Cutting costs here is hard because our provider system is anything but a free market.   Providers range from drug companies to faith healers.  Even hospitals range from doc in a box clinics run by drug store chains to hugely profitable hospital systems, often running under dubious claims of being not for profit.

I do not have the answer, but I also do not see  a meaningful debate.

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