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Secret CIA report from sources ‘deep’ in Kremlin detailed Putin’s direct order to elect Trump: report Lockheed Planning Move of F-16 Production To India From Texas  So much for America’s historic role Freighter Was On Autopilot When It Hit U.S. Destroyer…   USS Fitzgerald did not de[...]

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Looks Like Trumpcare Is In Trouble

Four conservative U.S. Republican senators said on Thursday they are not prepared to vote for the Senate Republican healthcare proposal unveiled on Thursday when it comes to the floor, probably next week. This is likely just the beginning. There will be other GOP Senators who will refuse because Tru[...]

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Trump: No tapes

Trump said today he doesn’t have tapes of his conversations with Comey. If he ever did, it’s not surprising he doesn’t anymore.[...]

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Why the GOP proposal for healthcare is nonsense .. and why no one will do anything about it.

The real issue in REPEAL AND REPLACE is that the meme is pure nonsense.  All the fixes either party could build will fail until they address the real issue … the superinflation of healthcare costs in the US. For example, some GOP types want a national insurance exchange.  The most obvious re[...]

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Oil price at seven month low, equities struggle Syrians fear new Raqqa turmoil once Islamic State is defeated Ehud Barak Warns: Israel Faces ‘Slippery Slope’ Toward Apartheid U.S., China meet on North Korea after Trump points to failed Chinese effort(0:50) The priority is Brexit – [...]

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  Dan Jacoby Facebook For those idiots who believe that they need an AR-15 in order to protect themselves from the U.S. Government, a bit of reality: The U.S. Government has the 101st Airborne Division. It has tanks and smart bombs. If the full power of the U.S. Government wanted to get you, your[...]

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Failure of Democracy in The US

Secrecy Surrounding Senate Health Bill Raises Alarms in Both Parties Senate leaders are writing legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act without a single hearing on the bill and without an open drafting session. NYTIMES.COM[...]

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