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New Technology

The Isolator, A Bizarre Helmet Invented in 1925 Used to Help Increase Focus and Concentration The Isolator is a bizarre helmet invented in 1925 that was used to help increase focus and concentration by rendering the wearer deaf, piping them full of oxygen,… LAUGHINGSQUID.COM|BY E.D.W. LYNCH[...]

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TRUMP TWEETS:  Doesn’t Have Tapes of His Conversations With Comey Supreme Court limits ability to strip citizenship ‘Something is coming’: Fox News’ Napolitano hints that big Trump-Russia news is on the way Islamic State blows up Mosul mosque where it declared ‘caliphate’ Tr[...]

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AFTER TRUMP: Ford Moves Jobs to China

Ford Motor Co. is moving production of its Focus model to China after production at its Michigan plant ends in 2019. Trump thanked Ford on Twitter for its decision to scrap the Mexican plant. The move, which Ford estimates will save it $500 million in production costs for the car, comes after  Tru[...]

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SPICER: I Know Nuthing

As White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s prepares to move on to some other job, the subject of so much SNL humor seems to not have any contacts with his boss. When asked yesterday if Trump believed Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election,: “I have not sat down and talked to him[...]