Nollywood goes Hollywood


In a country where you can stumble upon crates of currency valued at about $1 billion at the airport, unattended, yet there are only 14 cinemas and the big attraction is not Nollywood. It’s Hollywood in Nigeria’s Nollywood turf. Because in Nigeria, if you want to pretend to be enlightened, it’s having a taste of Hollywood. You can’t post about viewing a nigerian movie and get a lot of likes on your timeline.Nigerian filmmakers have abandoned making films for the nigerian market that does not exist. They are hoping for foreign markets in Atlanta, New York and London. The same way Nigerian politicians aspire to steal public funds and buy houses in Europe. You would think filmmaking as an art form is supposed to reorient their public, but Nollywood is a victim and follower of its public. They lack the vision to be proactive. They don’t know where the next budget is coming from. They’re still in hustle mode rather creative mode.

In a coffee table book about Nollywood celebrities, dressing up like Americans actors in western settings is the new “true African glamor.”

A new coffee table book showcases the stars of the Nigerian film industry.

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