Castro on Globalization

“After the last worldwide bloodbath in the forties, we were promised a world of peace, we were promised that the gap between rich and poor would be closed, and that the more developed would help the less developed. All that was a huge lie. A world order was imposed on us that cannot be justified, cannot be sustained, and cannot be borne. The world is being driven into a dead-end street.”

“There’s no capitalism today, there’s no competition. Today, what we have is monopolies in all the great sectors. There is some competition between certain countries to produce televisions, or computers—even cars have been produced by the World Bank—but capitalism, that capitalism doesn’t exist any more. Five hundred global corporations today control 80 per cent of the world’s economy. Prices don’t stem from competition. The prices at which, for example, medicine to fight AIDS is sold are monopolistic. Medicines continue to be one of the most abusive, extravagant and exploitative items in the world’s budgets; the price of medicine that’s sold to people is sometimes ten times what it costs to produce it. Advertising practically determines what sells and what doesn’t. The person who doesn’t have much money can’t advertise his products in any way, even if they’re excellent.”

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