Is Wonder Woman Black?

Israeli actress Gal Gadot is the subject of new controversy.
People are obsessed with her “race.” She is Jewish. “Color” is a racist term that has NO meaning. As a Jew she could have genetics from anywhere but most of us are semitic .. that includes “black” people from Yemen and Ethiopia.  Others descended from our shared semitic roots look Indian or Chinese.  We are just Jews.  The very idea of people of color is racist.  By some magic brush, anyone who is Hispanic has become a POC.  This includes a friend of ours who is Cubana.  If she does not tell you that,  Ana looks pretty much like anyone else from Germany or France.  I myself am from Andalus , … pre 1492 Spain, and my family name is Negri … meaning we were considers despicable black folks in Spain.  There are my Jewish brothers in Kaifeng.  Jews by descent, the Chinese government’s race laws classifies them as Han.

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