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Latest Thing: Weddings in Jurassic Park


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There is Hope For the Middle

E.J. Dionne, looking at British and French and German elections, cautions that politics is moving to the center, and somewhat to the left, not going haywire. Part of this might be reaction to Trump. “Corbyn boosted the Labour Party vote to 40 percent, 9.5 points higher than it was two years ag[...]

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Medical Research During Slavery

Excerpt from: How black slaves were routinely sold as ‘specimens’ to ambitious white doctors” Stephen Kenny, Lecturer in 19th and 20th-century North American History at University of Liverpool  When an elite white enslaver-physician, Charlestonian Elias S. Bennett, published notes reca[...]

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Is Wonder Woman Black?

White or Nah? Twitter Is Fuming Over People Saying the New Wonder Woman Is a Person of Color Israeli actress Gal Gadot is the subject of new controversy. People are obsessed with her “race.” She is Jewish. “Color” is a racist term that has NO meaning. As a Jew she could have[...]