Will Canada’s Oil Destroy the Puget Sound?

ORCA vs. Sand Tar

Joel Connely, Seattle PI: No two places in North America look less alike than the tar sands of Alberta, a vast, Mordor-like oil field, and the blue waters and islands of the Salish Sea and Strait of Juan de Fuca, shared by British Columbia and Washington.

The “oil patch” and our common waters are centerpiece in a looming showdown between British Columbia and Alberta. On this side of the border, we have Orca whales, national parks and monuments and salmon runs in the hunt.

A new “red green” government is about to take power British Columbia. It vows to “employ every available tool” to stop a $7.4 billion (Canadian) pipeline that would carry up to 848,000 barrels of oil a day from Edmonton, across B.C. to Burnaby, just east of Vancouver.

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As British Columbians await final results from the May 9 vote, the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline hangs in the balance. The expansion project could bring billions…


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