Hawaii Becomes America’s First State To Join The Paris Climate Accord

Faced with violence, Evergreen College moves graduation ceremony to Tacoma

Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart is dropping his bid to unseat Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers , Lisa Brown likely to run.

Handel vs Ossoff

GEORGIA RACE: GOP’s Handel: ‘I Do Not Support A Livable Wage’

South Korea suspends deployment of American missile defense system

Pro-Assad alliance threatens to hit U.S. positions in Syria

AFTER TRUMP: China  to build overseas bases, maybe in Pakistan

AFTER TRUMP: UAE turns screw on Qatar, threatens sympathizers with jail

James Comey to testify before Senate on Thursday; Donald Trump wishes him ‘good luck’

Trump Tweets Christopher Wray, Chris Christie’s defence attonrwy, as  nominee as FBI Director

Trump threats   suspending the import of Venezuelan crude oil

The US is considering suspending the import of Venezuelan crude oil

USA hires up ahead of 2018

US Marines, Apaches provide ‘psychological edge’ as Kurdish-led militia begins siege of Raqqa

Washington State in Top 5 Economies In US

Germans See Trump Seen as  ‘Most Un-American’ U.S. President

China builds 24  hangars for fighter-planes on South China Sea outposts

China welcomes Abe’s interest in Silk Road initiative

Qatari Passenger, Cargo Planes Shifting Flights to Iranian Airspace

Brazil’s electoral court starts trial of 2014 case that could topple Brazilian president

This Is What It’s Like To Spend A Day With A Venezuelan Government Minder

Brexit helps push Paris property prices towards record levels



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