South Carolina: Celebrating Hate

Today is Jefferson Davis Day in Charleston South Carolina

I am sure that Confederate flags will fly in downtown Charleston, just as they did a few weeks ago when the South Carolina Secessionist Party stayed true to their promise to not protest Bree Newsome’s visit to College of Charleston.  Remember Ms. Newsome?  She is the lady who climbed the flag pole to bring down the Stars and Bars after the Charleston Massacre.

This is the college run by a proud son of the confederacy who celebrates his heritage by dressing up in the uniform of the racist nation and has two servants dress as his slaves.  This is the city on two sides of a river with a bridge dedicated to a modern racist.  Charleston is a community where the American version of a swastika flies proudly everyday, not just from the back end of some red neck’s red truck but from public buildings.  Meanwhile the city celebrates  Jefferson Davis Day.

I have relatives there who tell me of their pride in the local Jewish community  … a community that supported   the Confederacy and helped give birth to the KKK.  It is easy to be Jewish in that town today  as long as you act white and liberal.
There are good people who live in this place but for many it is either an ongoing exercise in hate or forced tolerance for hypocrisy. 

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