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Make This Disappear

Stare at this, do it for a minute or so .. where do the colors go? They disappear![...]

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Racism at Evergreen, WASTATE’s Ohso Progressive Campus

50 EVERGREEN FACULTY CALL FOR DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST BIOLOGY PROFESSOR These faculty call on the College to: Demonstrate accountability by pursuing a disciplinary investigation against Bret Weinstein according to guidelines in the Social Contract and Faculty Handbook. Weinst[...]

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The American Nazi Movement Under Trump

How White Nationalists Are Made And Radicalized  [...]

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Trump Alliance of Sunni Nation Expels Qatar From Its Alliance

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain cut ties to Qatar … home of al Jazeera    (Based on report at CBS News) The countries in Trump’s anti Iran alliance accuse Qatar of being pro Iran, pro Hamas and (quietly) anti Israel.  Qatar has supported Hamas but denies support for movements to [...]

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South Carolina: Celebrating Hate

Today is Jefferson Davis Day in Charleston South Carolina I am sure that Confederate flags will fly in downtown Charleston, just as they did a few weeks ago when the South Carolina Secessionist Party stayed true to their promise to not protest Bree Newsome’s visit to College of Charleston.  [...]

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Megyn Kelley May Be a New Force in Journalism

Putin Says Megyn Kelly Needs a Pill for Her ‘Hysteria’ WATCH THE VIDEO[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who is this?


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Will Trump Sell Out US Highways, Bridges and Airports to Goldman Sachs?

Crony Capitalism writ BIG (excerpted from an article in the Internationmal Business Times) Gary Cohn, former president of Goldman Sachs, is spearheading the administration’s infrastructure policy.  The policy is detailed in Trump’s  six-page infrastructure  initiative including  $200 bi[...]

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Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain cut ties to Qatar.  Qatar, and especially Qatar owned al Jazeerah has been critical of the hereditary  rulers and military dictators that rule the Sunni states. Saudi Press Agency:  QATAR expelled to protect “national security from the dangers of terrorism [...]