Black is Beautiful

This is a snippet of a documentary in production – Africa: Where black is still beautiful. It was inspired by a BBC news report of January 2013 – Africa: Where black is not really beautiful. I didn’t quarrel with the report dealing with high occurrence of bleaching by African women who think white women are the standard of beauty, still. I took umbrage at the headline – Africa: Where black is not really beautiful. As a journalist, I know much consideration goes into writing writing headlines especially for those who glean their information by scanning headlines only. In this documentary, I travelled to Lagos, Nigeria to meet with the nude virgin goddess, Olohita, to help me make this case that in Africa, black is still beautiful. I’ve heard from all who disapprove of this measure of nudity to make my case. Drastic times calls for drastic remedies indeed. From antiquity, African artist have always revered the black female form and I am honored that the Goddess, Olohita, trusted me enough to render every inch of her beautiful dark body to get this message across. Meanwhile, if you support the notion that Africa: Where black is still beautiful, you can support this documentary by watching Olohita bare it all for the appreciation of a beautiful black body for only $1.99 at When we fail to show support for our convictions regardless of the medium, we tacitly give credence to the other story – Africa: Where black is not really beautiful.

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