President Emmanuel Macron shared the video of his greeting NATO leaders last week. It’s unclear whether the possible snub was deliberate. But it came amid a summit in which Trump took aim at NATO’s European allies for “not paying what they should be paying.”

The post is now going viral, with many fellow tweeters appearing to appreciate the gesture  …

@RationalPanic – cool dude M. Macron. That swerve to avoid the clutches of Trump & shake Merkel’s hand first was quite a manoeuvre … ?

I’d like to see other world leaders follow Macron’s example – walk towards Trump, body-swerve , greet someone else. He’d hate it.

The ‘Macron swerve’ – fakes out Trump and goes for Merkel. Clear reciprocity for the ‘Montenegro shove’. 


The fact that Trump has both hands palms out to greet Macron makes the last minute body swerve to Merkel even sweeter 

Macron makes a tease, a last-sec swerve away from Trump toward Merkel, and then successfully braces for Trump’s psycho hand jerk. Nice. 

To my absolute surprise I felt a milisecond of empathy for Trump at the moment of swerve
But then he tried his handshake bullshit on Macron 

@Ex_Dubliner_APJ See Macron play a swerve blinder?
Pure joy

@Surf_Photo The Macron swerve was priceless

Fabulous shade thrown by Macron here. The swerve, the handshake order, the alpha arm pat (which Trump tries to equalise). 

@Vallmeister @EmmanuelMacron This is priceless! From the swerve, to how many hands he shakes before trumps, to trump then trying to pull him in forcefully….

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