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BRITAIN: Polls show Theresa May’s  Tories to LOSE House of Commons majority DEMOCRATS: Black Voters Aren’t Turning Out For The Post-Obama Democratic Party LEBANON SEEKS TO BAN ‘WONDER WOMAN,’ CITING ISRAELI ACTRESS Trump blasts Germany again as relations deteriorate Oregon [...]

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50 Years After Nigerian Civil War

THE IRONY OF MEMORIAL DAY: 50 Years Ago Today, Biafra Began What Was To Be a Failed Secession. America’s Memorial Day remembers the dead Union soldiers after our civil war.  The irony for immigrants from Nigeria  is that this day is also the anniversary Nigeria’s civil war.  Our war [...]

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Meanwhile, back in Puget Sound, Tears For a Baby Orca

David Neiwert This is one of the most heartbreaking photos I’ve ever seen: Little J-54, struggling to survive and too weak to swim on his own, being held up by his big sister, J-46, on the right, and his cousin, J-47, on the left, after the death of J-28, his mother. Captain Mark Malleson of [[...]

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Cleveland PD fires Tamir Rice’s killer

The Cleveland Police Department has fired 12-year-old Tamir Rice’s killer for errors in his job application, and suspended his partner for lousy driving. Read story here. Everyone in government knows how these things work. You can’t prosecute cops for shooting kids, and there’s no [...]

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President Emmanuel Macron shared the video of his greeting NATO leaders last week. It’s unclear whether the possible snub was deliberate. But it came amid a summit in which Trump took aim at NATO’s European allies for “not paying what they should be paying.” The post is now going viral, w[...]

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An Abrahamic Answer to Israel=Palestine

The Abrahamic Union: a Confederate solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Yakov Nagen Yakov Nagen is a Rabbi at the Yeshiva of Otniel, located near Hebron. On the day of Shimon Peres’s death, my neighbor Natan Meir stood before 100 Jewish and Arab interfaith activists and spoke of Peres’s[...]

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Summer time is coming


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TRUMP: Russians discussed potentially ‘derogatory’ information about Trump  during campaign         AMAZON $1000… BEZOS UP $19B THIS YEAR… GEORGIA ELECTION: Jon Ossoff, Democrat, up 7 points in Georgia House race TRUMP: McCain Says Russia Bigger Threat [...]

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Burning an Enemy Flag on Memorial Day

Last Memorial Day a Black artist  burned and buried the Confederate flag across the South. Artist John Sims (Facebook) right Confederate flag burning (Fotolia © michaklootwijk) Can you think of a better way for any American to spend Memorial Day than to burn a Confederate flag? John Sims, a Bla[...]

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Jeff Bezos Is Not Just The World’s Richest Man, as Owner of the Washington Post He is not Just Breaking News, He is Reinventing Journalism 

Bezos May Have Saved The Free Press As the Internet devastated traditional media, we were left with the ugly world of Fox News with its alternative reality and the confusing hope of the now failed model of a news aggressors, led by the Huffington Post.   TV News was taken over by the entertainment[...]