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How Come It Is So EXPEN$IVE To Build Stuff In The US?

Construction costs are significantly higher in the US than other countries — but GOP refuses to investigate Construction costs in the United States are significantly higher than what Europeans pay, but when given the opportunity to look into the cause and ways to streamline costs, the GOP killed t[...]

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Trump:  Vows To Stop  ‘Very Bad’ Germans from  Car Sales In The U.S. Trump Harangues NATO about Immigration, Leaves out Russia and  Mutual Defense Pledge Trump:  Prevents  Sean Spicer meeting  Pope out of sheer meanness. TRUMP Trump directly scolds NATO allies, says they owe ‘mas[...]

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CHINA on Trump’s Proposal for a Sunni NATO

Trump’s intention to divide Middle East not helpful for lasting peace U.S. President Donald Trump presented a reversed Middle East policy during his maiden overseas trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel, by calling for an anti-Iran coalition, which may fuel the tension in the region and jeopardize e[...]