Will Trump Survive A Stay in Jerusalem’s “Best” Hotel?

Maybe Trump Will Buy It?

 These are Trump’s digs  in Jerusalem.

The King David Hotel  was built in the 1930s by Ezra Mosseri, a wealthy Egyptian Jewish banker, who wanted to create an enduring symbol of luxury in what was then British Mandated Palestine. Since then the King David has been the scene of a murderous Israeli terrorist attack against the Brits  and hosted emperors, kings, prime ministers and divas . Now the King David gets to host an  America’s celebrity President used to gold on  the ceiling, silk carpets on the floor and Versailles level decor.

I have stayed at this hotel.  Nice enough for Jerusalem, the King David sits on a hill outside the the  walled Old City, surrounded by  a lawn the hotel calls a manicured garden.  There is a swimming pool and a tennis court … well in the league of one of the better Holiday Inns in the US.  The decor  echoes the taste of the late 20s, pre depression and pre Hitler.  Whether Trump, a property magnate, and wife Melania end up in the royal suite, presidential suite or another of its pillow-stuffed rooms, chances are the setting will not come up to the standards of his penthouse apartment in Manhattan or the luxe Mar a Lago

Food might be a positive issue for the Trump mischpoche because not many other hotels can serve gourmet kosher food.  That means Trump’s house Jew, Ivanka’s huband, and Trumper expert of all things, Jared Kushner will have something better to eat then tuna salad.  As for Trump. the hotel’s renowned chef has said they are prepared to cook Trump any kind of dish, his favorite meatloaf included, although his menu also promises veal sweetbreads, escalope and terrine of goose liver and fillet of beef with porcini sauce. The chef may not know how to make a taco bowl or big mac.


A room inside a suite is seen at the King David Hotel, in Jerusalem May 15, 2017. Picture taken May 15, 2017. REUTERS/Nir Elias

A room inside a suite is seen at the King David Hotel, in Jerusalem May 15, 2017. Picture taken May 15, 2017. REUTERS/Nir Elias


The most dramatic – and traumatic – moments for the hotel came in the 1940s, when British forces set up their military headquarters there during the mandate of Palestine.

In July 1946, militants from the Jewish Irgun paramilitary group, bent on driving the British out of the region, bombed the hotel, killing 91 people, including Arab and Jewish staff and 28 British citizens, among them high-ranking officers.

Then-British Prime Minister Clement Attlee called it “an insane act of terrorism” and Jewish leaders sought to distance themselves from the Irgun. David Ben-Gurion, who became Israel’s first prime minister, called the group “the enemy of the Jewish people”. Israel declared independence two years later.

However, things are different in Trumpland. The organizers of the attack on the hotel included Menachem Begin, later to become the Prime Minister of Israel.  Begin also founded the Likhud party now led by Trump buddy Benjamin Netanyahu .

One lasting legacy for Trump will be the opportunity to write a message and sign his name in the King David guestbook. The hotel then engraves the signatures of famous guests in its marble hallway – and Trump’s will be added  joining President Barack Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger. READMORE

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