AFTER TRUMP: An Encounter in New Jersey

Ralph Drake FACEBOOK

I just ran into this Nazi piggie in Shop Rite In Newton,N.J. I started to take his picture and he proudly posed…he asked,”did you vote for “the President?”...I said “yeah, twice”….he said “what he was just elected?”
Then he looked at me realizing I was speaking about Obama, he said you must be one of the Queers for Hillary..” I said..”well , Voted for her in the general, but I voted for Sanders in the primary”….
he inquired why didn’t I vote for a real man….”you must be a fu##in Jew bastard…enh ..? I SAID ” well some in their”…
..he told me “dont worry, when we come for you I hope I’m the one who marches you in t o the oven”
………..well I started laughing …in his face…and zeroed in on his beedy little eyes and explained “well man my daddy was a war hero with 5 Bronze star,and he never voted for a Facist, he shot them”
..he smiled a grin just like old Stewart Bacca,a American Nazi thug I knew, when I was AT College… always did.

He asked..”do you live in. Sussex co”…I didn’t but I liked lying to the Gremlin in his Nazi Shirt And Trump hat…”oh yeah?
“he gleemed “I’m from Andover,nj your in my control district. ,plenty of room on the Sussex gallows”. he walked away…he said take a picture ,grabbing the crotch where his balls should be I said .I don’t have a telescope attached” ,,,”fu..kyke ..” he called..

I wonder what “control district,means?..I suspect we are in Big Trouble for the next few years . Be strong ..we will win out in the final analysis.

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