The Microduffy

Have you ever committed a “Microduffy”?GENEVA — Polit­i­cal Sci­en­tists believe they are close to cod­i­fy­ing a sys­tem of mea­sure­ment for pub­lic cor­rup­tion. At an inter­na­tional sym­po­sium here Wednes­day, they have voted to name the prime unit of cor­rup­tion after Cana­dian Sen­a­tor Mike Duffy. “The great thing about the Duffy is that it is so mea­sur­able,” said Dr. Felix Graves, chair of the nomen­cla­ture com­mit­tee. “His malfea­sance is minor, really — cheat­ing on expense claims — but the quan­tity of funds is pretty well […] [continue reading…]

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