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film festival forces women to bind their feet!

Female Film Stars Were Rejected From Last Year’s Cannes Gala Unless they Wore 4 inch Heels! Several fiftysomething women were turned away for wearing flats at the red-carpet premiere of Carol, a lesbian love story. The festival may love lesbianism, but apparently it draws the line at middle-ag[...]

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American Neofascist Appointed as High Official Over Internal Police Force Clarke Would Be the First ‘Patriot’ Leader to Hold a Federal Post Nuclear pact between Japan and India allows Japan to develop  military nukes  US Strike on Syrian Pro-Government Forces Illegitimate, Violates Sovereignty[...]

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The Microduffy

GENEVA — Polit­i­cal Sci­en­tists believe they are close to cod­i­fy­ing a sys­tem of mea­sure­ment for pub­lic cor­rup­tion. At an inter­na­tional sym­po­sium here Wednes­day, they have voted to name the prime unit of cor­rup­tion after Cana­dian Sen­a­tor Mike Duffy. “[...]