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Slur of the Day

Boong / bong / bung (Aus) Australian aboriginal.[21] Boong, pronounced with ʊ (like the vowel in bull), is related to the Australian English slang word bung, meaning dead; infected; or dysfunctional. From bung, to go bung “Originally to die, then to break down, go bankrupt, cease to function [...]

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When Neofascists Confer

How many of us remember that WWII in the Pacific began not with Pearl Harbor but with a conflict between the US and China over access to the South China Sea? While Trump twists, tevoes, and tweets, it  looks like that the Philippines is making love with China and jointly carving up the South Chin[...]

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Could Trump get away with what Nixon could not? Area around Hanford’s PUREX plant has been dumping ground for radioactive and chemical waste for years Hanford tunnel collapse prompts some to ask: What’s the long-term solution for nuclear waste? Hunger strike: Palestinians aim to put Israel’[...]

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A Nigerian Man’s Wish on Mother’s Day

ITS TIME FOR WOMEN TO DO AWAY WITH PANTIES AND BRA Considering my indefatigable interest and vast knowledge of the female anatomy, I think it’s time women free themselves of these contraptions that only serve to inhibit their God-given sexuality. I did not come by this conclusion on a whim. I&[...]