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BREAKING NEWS: Trump fires Comey

The issue is now clear. Trumpgate is falling apart.  The only choices left are impeachment or resignation.  [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Leak at Hanford

U.S. Department of Energy declares an emergency at a Hanford nuclear site tunnel that contained rail cars full of nuclear waste collapsed. There apparently has been no release of radiation and no workers were injured, said Randy Bradbury, a spokesman for the Washington state Department of Ecology. T[...]

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After Sally Yates and James Clapper warned the Senate of a real threat from  the Russian effort to undermine our democracy, they told the Senate that they could not publicly say more because the information was classified. ✔@realDonaldTrump Director Clapper reiterated what everybody, including t[...]

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AFTER TRUMP: Syria’s gangland

Assad’s Warlords Gain Upper Hand On a cool morning, an elderly man is standing at his espresso machine on a street in eastern Aleppo. It’s shortly after 8 a.m., and this part of the city — destroyed in the war and reconquered by the regime in December — is waking up. Green gr[...]

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Neofascism: Turkey Blocks Access to Wikipedia

The government of Turkey has blocked access to Wikipedia after two Wikipedia entries described links between the Erdogan government Turkey and Islamist militant groups . The ministry accused Wikipedia of running a “smear campaign” against the Turkey. saying some articles purported tha[...]

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Moon Jae-in leads exit polls in S.Korean presidential election by large margin

Moon Jae-in of the liberal Minjoo Party has been elected the new President of South Korea. Now it seems that Macron will have a partner in South Korea. Moon Jae-in is a former civil rights attorney .  He was imprisoned in the 1970s for protesting against the former dictator Park Chung-hee and late[...]

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TRUMP TWEETS: bizarre claim about avoiding the Civil War

In an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito, our president-historian posits that the war might not have happened if only Andrew Jackson had still been around. The whole thing apparently could have been avoided if only we had a bona fide negotiator — someone more up to the tas[...]