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Sneaky ways businesses cheat their customers

Same package, same price, less chocolate, more air. Read story here.      [...]

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TRUMPCARE will   1. restore funding to Medicaid. 2. restore funding for prescriptions, likely with some option for insurance companies to negotiate prices. 3. eliminate mandatory enrollment, Replace this with some subterfuge that looks like it is different. 4. provide real funding for high risk poo[...]

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Texas to Use Religious and Sexual Preference in Adoptions

Parents seeking to adopt children in Texas could soon be rejected by state-funded or private agencies with religious objections to them being Jewish, Muslim, gay, single, or interfaith couples, under a bill in the Republican-controlled Legislature. The bill had been scheduled for debate and approval[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: What Race Was Pushkin?

A. Black B. White C. Maori D. Jewish E. Chinese[...]

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Tough Kid

They Start Young[...]

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An incredible story


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Of the UW, Hype, Racism and Fundraising

Describing another much welcome gift from Paul Allen, the University of Washington School of Engineering ‘s latest “Trend” newsletter describes it benefactor : “[Paul] Allen has a longstanding connection to and affinity for UW CSE [Computer Science and Engineering]. As a stud[...]