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War, war, war, war


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2017 FRENCH ELECTION: 538 predicts that the Trumpette will lose.

Le Pen Is Just A Gargantuan Polling Error Behind Macron Donald Trump’s candidate  for President of France   is an enormous, historic polling error behind the centrist En Marche! candidate Emmanuel Macron.[...]

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FDA employees forced to watch Fox News

FDA Will Now Be Fair and Balanced? On orders from the Trump administration, all the TV screens on a Food and Drug Administration campus have been permanently tuned to Fox News, and can’t be switched to any other channel. Read story here. It seems reasonable to assume that similar policies will[...]

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Ambassador Palin’s Amazing Role in Russia

Ms. Palin, having recently emerged both as Mr. Trump’s Ambassador to Russia and as as a hunting buddy with President Putin, has begun to take a prominent role as the host of an interview show discussing  issues relevant to the two countries on the English language Russia RT. In an interview [...]