MONDAY MAY Next Monday 8 at Drinking Liberally.

Living along the waters of  Puget Sound is wonderful as long as we do not lose the water, the whales, the fish, the shoreline and of course our port.

Fred is a committed activist for the environment as well as a Port Commissioner.  

Did you know the Port Commission is a BFD? The Port of Seattle encompasses Seatac Airport, shipping terminals, cruise terminals, and other properties, accommodating about 50 million airline travelers, 4 million shipping containers, and 1 million cruise ship passengers annually. The Port directly employs 1800 people, and oversees entities that employ upwards of 200,000 more. Port Commissioner Fred Felleman will address Drinking Liberally – Fremont Monday, 7:00 pm at Fremont Tavern. Come have a beer and hear what he has to say. You might learn something!

Join Fred at the Fremont Tavern next Monday Night, May 8, for our regular Drinking Liberally meetup.   

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