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Korean Facial Creativity

Korean reality show aims to undo excessive plastic surgery  BY Geoffrey Cain SEOUL — The citizens of this hyper-competitive East Asian nation are the most cosmetically enhanced people in the world, going under the knife more per capita than Americans, Italians, Greeks and Brazilians. One reali[...]

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Bitch Session

Christopher Goodwin Sizzel Pie Pizza is trying to open next door to me, the build out took months and months and during that time the contractor would not stop blocking my f-ing driveway. I went over and became more and more direct with him, I am a direct person to begin with, by the end […][...]

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Workers Strike Against Conservative Government

Brazil crippled by general strike RIO DE JANEIRO, April 28 (Xinhua) — Brazil’s transportation, schools and businesses were brought to a halt on Friday as Brazilian unions launched a full-scale strike nationwide to protest President Michel Temer’s social security and labor reforms. [...]

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How Californians see Seattle weather


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The First Hundred Days


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U.S. economy bogs down in first quarter with slowest growth in 3 years, GDP shows

While Trump takes credit for “his economy,”  of course he will blame Obama now that the government’s official scorecard for the U.S. economy in the first quarter points to the weakest growth in three years.  Gross domestic product increased at a meager 0.7% annual pace in the first t[...]