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United Does It Again

A Utah couple flying to Costa Rica to get married were thrown off a United plane on Easter Sunday for moving to other seats after finding a sleeping man in their ticketed seats.  The incident occurred when they changed planes in Houston. They claim they sat in empty seats three rows away because th[...]

April 16th, 2017 - 9:09 am § in America

BREAKING NEWS: Prison Justice?

Boston Marathon Bomber Tsarnaev Severely Injured In Prison, May Never Walk Or Talk Again Infamous Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 22, was the victim of an “unfortunate accident” yesterday at Ft. Devens Detention Center in… EMPIRENEWS.NET[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Rumors from North Korea

 Ngovi Kitau shared a link to the group: North Korea Study Group. Anyone with more information on this report byTaiwan Central News Agency republished by KBS?: “The report said that Pyongyang is demanding China ensure the North’s security and economic gain and give a period of three yea[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Whoisit?


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The miracle of Easter is the essence of Christianity. Jesus is not only resurrected ,,, a miracle within the grasp of modern science .. he becomes God. Where the monotheistic beauty of Islam and Judaism is easily reconciled with Science by imagining some great external force, the Christian deity dem[...]

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from David Preston at the Blog Quixotic A Leader of Seattle’s Homeless Industry The Bill Kirlin-Hackett Story Mr. Mild The first impression one gets of the Reverend Bill Kirlin-Hackett is of someone we’d expect to find singing kum-ba-ya around the campfire or handing out coffee and hugs at[...]