Seattle’s Next Mayor?

Charlie James 
I was an avid supporter of Mayor McGinn who learned to appreciate the hard work and integrity of Ed Murray. But Seattle Time Editorial this morning literally buried all hopes for re-election.

Seattle Times “If he runs under (a) cloud, it increases the possibility of a Mayor Kshama Sawant, or some other extreme left-wing ideologue, steering this booming city wildly off course. An open field will draw better mainstream candidates who can build on Murray’s work.”


That was the Downtown Business Association talking through their Image may contain: 1 person, suitpages.  So it is time to publicly commit to Bruce Harrell who should become the new Mayor of the City of Seattle.. It apparently is his turn…his time.

Rumor has it that Bruce is still on the fence but like many people this morning’s Seattle Times Staff Editoril hopefully changes that. If you get our hand on him pull him off that fence and into this race today.

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