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Origins of the twisted cross

Kris Jackson  FACEBOOK The insignia of the U.S. Army’s 45th Infantry division in WWII was the swastika, a tribute to the large Native American population in the American Southwest. I saw a lot of swastikas growing up; called the Thorshammer in Iceland, it was the symbol of the Icelandic Steamship[...]

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Trump’s idiot spokesman claims Hitler didn’t gas people

Oh, and did you also catch his bit about “asking yourself if Russia is a country you want to align yourself with?” The irony is deafening. But isn’t this all moot? I mean, does anyone still listen to this idiot, except for the White House correspondents who have to, because that[...]

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Gender is hard to determine


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UPDATE: United drags doctor off plane to give his seat to employee

We all know commercial air travel sucks, but United has sunk to a new low in despicable treatment of passengers by violently dragging a paying passenger off a Chicago-to-Louisville flight to make way for a United employee traveling standby. The airline first asked for volunteers, and when it got non[...]

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Is the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?

The Trump administration is  seeking to introduce legislation that would designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). Many are questioning this move. The fact is that the Muslim Brotherhood has not been directly involved in any violent terror attacks in recent decades. [...]

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Iran’s Houthi rebels in Yemen are threatening free movement into and out of the Red Sea Acting “with the support of Iran,” the rebels have deployed “coastal defense missiles, radar systems, mines and explosives boats that have been migrated fr om the Strait of Hormuz,” US Central Comm[...]