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Memo to disillusioned Trump fans

… many of whom have a strong isolationist bent, and took Trump at his word when he promised to focus on “America First” and brush off the rest of the world’s problems (as if that were possible in the ICBM age):  [...]

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A Nigerian Job Odyysey

Chinazor Onianwah . There was that time in 1995, I’d just passed the test for the Microsoft Systems Engineering Certificate and there were too many jobs to be had. The problem was deciding which one to keep. In a spate of one month, I jumped from one job to another that offered to pay more. [&[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: What race was Carol Channing?

A. Black B. White C. Hispanic  D. Jewish E. Native American[...]

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MSNBC inherited anchor  Brian Williams after he was shown exaggerating claims of personal heroism as the anchor for NBC News.   Now the ohso handsome coifed head is being criticized for calling images of the US  Missile Launch “Beautiful” as the U.S. missiles launched  during an att[...]

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Islamic Terror In Stockholm

Swedish Police confirm suspect is an Uzbek national A man who was arrested on Friday is thought to be the driver of the truck that crashed into the Åhléns department store, killing four people. He is held by the police suspected of terrorist crime by murder.[...]

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Is Trump Preparing for War In Somalia?

Trump Prepares Military For Combat In Somalia BY JOSH KEEFE The president has declared Somalia a war zone, giving the military more flexibility in targeting Islamic militants in the country. ISIS Returns To Somalia: Report Al-Shabab Denies Deadly Setback In Somalia[...]

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What the Child Abuse Charges Against Our Mayor Might Mean

On Ed Murray and those 1980s rape allegations NOTE: Yesterday Mayor Murray was accused of sexual abuse of two boys in the 1980s.  Geov Parrish offers a unique and difficult insight.   Geov Parrish The Seattle Times dropped a bombshell on the local political scene tonight, publishing a le[...]