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United Launch Alliance cuts Atlas rocket price amid competition

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. United Launch Alliance has dropped the price of its workhorse Atlas 5 rocket flights by about one-third in response to mounting competition from rival SpaceX and others, the company’s chief executive said on Tuesday.[...]

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Iran Sides With Syria

Hezbollah: Trump’s attack serves the ZionistsNasrallah’s organization: ‘The attack in Syria is a foolish step that will increase the tension in the region and serves Israel’s interests.’In the West, Trump is on the receiving end of something unusual: a flood of compliments; Eve[...]

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Charlie James Liars and hypocrites now run Congress and the Senate and both have become governing bodies with little or no credibility. Here are 10 Republicans who have done a complete 180 on Syria now that Obama’s not president In 2013, President Barack Obama went to Congress to ask for an author[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who said it?

Concerning Nonviolence; it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. A. Ted Cruz B. David Duke C. Malcolm X D.  Charleston Heston E.  Mitt Romney[...]

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TRUMP TWEET OF THE DAY: Russian Anger, Chinese Handshake

While Trump and Xo Toast Each Other Russia accuses U.S. of using ‘far-fetched pretext,’ suspends air-safety pact in Syria The Russian Foreign Ministry called for an immediate meeting of the U.N. Security Council after President Vladi­mir Putin declared the U.S. attack a violation of internation[...]

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Cat Fights at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

The war between the nationalists and the moderates, led by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, burst into the open this week after Bannon was taken off the National Security Council, setting off a torrent of leaks about the rest of the staff. Steve Bannon Calls Jared Kushner a ‘Cuck’ and ‘Globali[...]