ARE JEWS A RACE? Jason Chaffetz looks Native American, has a Jewish name, a brother named Dukakis and the support of Sheldon Adelson

Rep. Jason Chaffetz taking instructions from anonymous donor / Source: YouTube

Chaffetz may not be Jewish BUT he has huge Jewish cred! Under Chaffetz’ lead the House of Representatives is reintroducing a bill that would effectively ban online gambling greatly pleasing Sheldon Adelson, Netanyahu’s foremost American benefactor and billionaire casino magnate.  Chaffetz’ Restoration of America’s Wire Act,  would extend federal gambling law bans to  the  Internet.   Adelson has vowed to “spend whatever it takes” to stop online gambling, calling it a “societal train wreck waiting to happen.”

Chaffetz is the irrecondite Republican heads the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He has announced he has enough “stuff” to hold continual hearings, a la Bengahzi” on Mrs. Clinton and to determine if she should be impeached.

Jason announced he could not vote for Trump but now has backed off .. saying he will vote bit not endorse the Donald?  He has also threatened to impeach President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Who is this repugnant from UTAH? 

Born to a Jewish father and Christian Scientist mother, Jason Chaffetz chose to convert to Mormonism in college. Chaffetz’s father was briefly married to Kitty Dukakis and Chaffetz has an older half brother, John Dukakis. While a student, Chaffetz was a Utah co-chairman for Michael Dukakis’s 1988 campaign for U.S. President.

While attending BYU  Chaffetz was active in Democratic politics, even working for the Dukakis campaign in 1988. After college, however, Chaffetz entered the private sector and a fateful meeting with Ronald Reagan in 1990 helped the young Chaffetz realize that he was a conservative and a Republican. He served as Chief of Staff for Utah Governor Jon Hunstman before returning to the private sector as founder of Maxtera Utah, a corporate communications and marketing company.

When Chaffetz ran against incumbent Republican Congressman, Chris Cannon, Chaffetz defined the race as a choice between a true conservative, himself, and Cannon, whom he accused of not being a true conservative.  Although Cannon was endorsed by Utah’s political establishment and then President George W. Bush, Chaffetz won with 60% of the vote in the Republican primary. In the heavily Republican Congressional district, Chaffetz handily dispatched his Democratic and Constitutional Party opponents in the general election in November 2008.

Since taking office in January 2009, Chaffetz has become a Tea Party favorite. Chaffetz and was a leading voice in the 2011 budget negotiations and authored the “Cut, Cap and Balance” approach to the federal budget. He has also spoken in favor of Social Security reform.

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