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@FoxNews from multiple sources: “There was electronic surveillance of Trump, and people close to Trump. This is unprecedented.” @FBI[...]

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Would You Trust Donald to Represent You At a Meeting with President Xi?

How Trump and China’s Xi could stumble into war By Graham Allison When a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power, it rarely ends well.  [...]

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The Incompetence of Being Trump’s Son in Law

 Elizabeth Spiers  worked for Jared Kushner.  She explains why Trump’s son in law is the wrong businessman to reinvent government. On my first day of work as the editor in chief of the New York Observer, which had been acquired five years earlier by Jared Kushner, now the son-in-law and sen[...]

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When Arabia was Jewish

The Ancient Jews of Arabia .. before Mohamed.  In 2014, researchers from a French-Saudi expedition studying rock inscriptions in southern Saudi Arabia announced they had discovered what could be the oldest texts written in the Arabic alphabet. But they did so very quietly, perhaps because the conte[...]