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Crossing the Columbia Bar


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Trump’s approval rating continued to drop Wednesday in Gallup’s daily presidential poll.  At  35 percent of respondents approving of Trump’s performance in office, he is headed otward an all time record.[...]

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Greater Seattle Houses Dearest in Nation

Greater Seattle  home costs soared at 11.3 percent, the fastest pace in three years, the fastest in the US.  The region has taken the top spot in the national rankings in every month since September, and price growth has only been speeding up as of late . Portland was behind, again, with home pr[...]

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My Gift to Mississippi: A NEW FLAG


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Europe’s top Brexit negotiators hang a mocking poster on the walls of their Brexit war room. The image reflects the view among many top EU officials that Brexit is an act of economic self-harm by the UK that will become apparent in the course of the negotiations. Many top EU officials and politic[...]

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Why is North Seattle Attractive to Encampments?

Encampment Complaints: A suspicious pattern March 23, 2017 The document in the link below was produced by Seattle’s Customer Service Bureau (CSB) in response to a public disclosure request from Safe Seattle. The document shows how many citizen complaints the City got in a six-week time period. The[...]

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RussiaGate blows WIDE OPEN in Abramson report If Manafort is turning omTrump, Donald may be in dee doo doo,  Seath Abramson has taken what is already known and woven it together in astory that readmlike TRUMPGATE.  The story implicates Sessions, Manafort, Kushner  directly in selling US foreign p[...]