Nigerians are losing patience with Jesus already.

 You can tell, Nigerians are losing patience with Jesus already. It’s become very clear that only the preachers are benefitting from him. Politics can be rewarding but quite bloody. It’s time to roll out another get rich quicker scheme – TwinKas.

That’s from the slick marketing of TwinKas, a very popular online “investment” plan in Nigeria. Like MMM before it, this is essentially a ponzi scheme which promises unbelievable rates of return via a system which relies on regularly recruiting hundreds of new “investors” to keep it running. Despite the stories of such programs eventually collapsing, and thousands of Nigerians losing money, there’s never a shortage of other people willing to enroll when new schemes pop up.
Knowing full well that it’s hard to watch your politicians pay themselves the most salary for doing nothing, and the church lying to you about Jesus who would bless you with great job, great house, great husband – for nothing! You’ve got to come up with something that makes sense like another MMM. Who can blame you? The ink is barely dried on the last scheme and now this.

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