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Ryan’s Oops

“We’re not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people.”[...]

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Trump’s defense budget ignores our combat troops

Broken weapons, Vietnam-era rifles and boots, vehicles that don’t run, no ammunition for training, old heavy equipment (see photo) … but Trump and his cabinet of Wall Street tycoons don’t give a damn. Despite flaunting a $54 billion a year increase in defense spending, Trump put no[...]

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How Trump Could Win

My Fellow Americans I am sickened, sickened by what I am learning about the partisan swamp here in Washington DC.  Where I grew up in New York and even as a businessman, I had thought that Republicans and Democrats could work together for the benefit of their country. I am a Republican but I am [&h[...]

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Toilet Humor


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 Nigerians are losing patience with Jesus already.  Chinazor Onianwah  You can tell, Nigerians are losing patience with Jesus already. It’s become very clear that only the preachers are benefitting from him. Politics can be rewarding but quite bloody. It’s time to roll out another get[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Is Donald Trump The Messiah?

‘Our minister says he’s come to tear down the corrupt order.’ James S Gordon The Persian king might have been a pagan, but he still served God’s plans. For some Christians, Donald Trump does just that  “Donald Trump is anointed by God,” my Indianapolis Uber driver confided. I’d asked [...]

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Coulter, Breitbart, Drudge torch Trumpcare

Ann Coulter, right-wing provocateur and an avid supporter of the Trump campaign, has been attacking the bill as “Obamacare Lite” since its text became public, hammering House Speaker Paul Ryan along the way. “Could some investigative reporter write a piece explaining why Ryan is so hellbent on[...]