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Anniversary of Birth of JT Kirk


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Racism IS Christian

 Christians seem unable to accept their guilt .. maybe it is the forgiveness thing?  When our daugther was a public school student in  Seattle, a Black teacher tried to force Havi to sing Black spirituals because they were part of the American heritage! Native News Online reports.   (text from[...]

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Why Trump’s N.I.H. Cuts Should Worry Us By HAROLD VARMUS Last week I was in London to participate in a scientific symposium. During coffee breaks, many British colleagues asked me and other American visitors to explain the bewildering news that President Trump had announced his intention to cut th[...]

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Who is a Jew?

Irene Aleichenu Ella As a Jew, proved by the bible and the Torah, I have no doubt that other Jews exist around the world. But I will not wait for anybody to approve my Jewishness before I take my stand as a Jew. Our ancestors migrated into Nigeria and settled in the River Benue region […][...]