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Polygamy’s best case scenario. There is no instance in the Bible where monogamy is prescribed. The only citation is “…what God has joined together let no man put asunder…” Mark 10:10 to address the issue of divorce not marriage or Mathew 19:6, “… so they are no longer two, but one flesh…” But there is Isaiah 4:1, which particularly is addressed to women who are successful, educated and independent – up to seven of them can be married to one man and not depend on him for anything but rear children together. Considering the situation in Black America today, where a large segment of females have baby fathers but no legal contract of marriage, rearing a child under that circumstance creates an insecure environment for a child to fully realize his or her potential. However, if all the children of the same father and different mothers enter a marriage, the children would do far better knowing who their father is and knowing that he is ever present in their life. But how absurd is it that the right of gay people is celebrated by the courts, the white house and the church and yet polygamy is derided as a taboo. The notion of returning to an African tradition upon which the Bible is based is rejected by so called Africans or Westernized Africans who would throw the Bible at you literarily for bringing up polygamy is even far worse. I am a polygamist and proud of it.

Divorce Court

In part two of Shabaka vs Shabaka polygamist case, the sister wives say all 4 deny their husband sex at the same time when he misbehaves.

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