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AFTER TRUMP: Fantasies


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Is she white?


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The Story of Coffee: 4


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AFTER TRUMP: I would pray to God that Donald Trump would reconsider what he is doing and have a talk with some of these people Dominick Patrignani, union president

UNION BUSTING UNDER TRUMP’S JOB CZAR (adapted from an article in The Guardian)   Hard by the Hudson river about 14 miles north of Albany, many uni0n workers in Waterford, NY voted for Donald Trump.  Trump’s America First appeal helped him comfortably beat Hillary Clinton in Saratoga [...]

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Israeli Taliban

Yerachmiel HaLevi shared Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll‘s post. The Jewish Taliban strikes again!!!   Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll FACEBOOK Dear Everyone who thinks we make a big deal out of nothing, An 11 year old girl is slashed across the face by a ‘charedi’ man who calls her and her frie[...]

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Live in Seattle? Wet your whistle Monday nights, 7PM. We meet to talk politics and drink beer. Drinking Liberally  began in New York City in May, 2003 During Clinton’s impeachment. The Trump years, with right wing propaganda and alt facts make the need to wet your whistle urgent. Our pub own[...]

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Remember Trump Celebrating Boeing’s Launch Of Its New Dreamliner in South Carolina?

Now Boeing is cutting 1,800 Seattle-area factory, engineering jobs | Some say this is outsoucing[...]

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Donald’s Dreams