Message to Kellyanne … This is the OVAL OFFICE

Trump welcomes the leaders of the Black colleges to the oval office.  What class!

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I find this to be a blatantly racist microaggression (if blatant microaggression isn’t an oxymoron). it’s the white woman using body language to throw up the message that ‘you’re in my house. i can do whatever i want here without regard for you.’. it’s disrespectful of her audience, a room full of black men and a few black women, as well as a white woman striking a vaguely sexual pose as a taunt to a room full of black men in what should be a setting where everyone respects everyone else in the room, simply due to the nature of the room itself. it’s othering. it’s ‘i belong and you don’t’. and it’s disgusting, not for the lack of feminine demurity, but for the lack of adhering to the social norms of mutual respect in the setting.

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  1. shirley coan #

    We teach our children to keep their feet off the sofa.
    How were you raised? not cute at all Kellyanne.